We are on a mission:
Mission Statement:

To provide a play areas where the underprivileged and disabled of the Nations can experience play and the love of Christ. Bringing Christ's Love through building (mission teams) and play (children experiencing fellowship with other believers and sharing that love with non believers). Our Story: The Reuters (Chris, Jennifer and Joshua) Wee Monsters Playset Internatioanl Ministry is a soon to be non-profit ministry providing playground equipment to the underprivileged and disabled children throughout the nations. God gave me a vision in 2007 that we would go North, South, East and West – a city, a state , a nation, the World. I wondered how that would be accomplished but now I can actually see that his plans are so much bigger than mine. This ministry has been in the prayer stages since 2007 when our playground company once called Quality Playgrounds changed names and become Wee Monsters Play Systems. At this time, we opened a retail location in Dacula, Georgia in April 2008. Between 2007-2008 God was really changing our hearts and showing us that our business wasn't about us but about the people we would meet and the love that we could show. Playsets are our platform and we need to leverage our time, talents and money for the Kingdom. Through much prayer and consideration we launched our business right in time for the recession to go public. We had invested largely in this retail location being a success and over the next 18 months we realized it was not going to work in the location we were in. However, about that time, God blessed us with a way out of our 3 year lease. This was the beginning of a very hard road for our family. We were also heavily invested in real estate and watched as all we had worked for the last 10 years become nothing. Fast forward to January 2011, after some very interesting turn of events which I would love to share with you in person, we ended up selling everything we had left and moving to Belize for mission work. Abruptly, 3 months later, we found ourselves back in the USA with nothing but some old antiques and a beat up pick up truck (which hubby still drives). In May 2011 we took back possession of Wee Monsters Play Systems or what was left of it and began to rebuild. Here we are almost 16 months later, with our second location opening and Wee Monsters International Ministry actually becoming a reality. It is funny, but my 11-year-old son put this ministry into fast motions with an idea he had to reach out to one of his favorite wrestlers to get him to be a part of helping us raise money for this ministry. Now here I am a day later putting into motion what has been just a prayer, "Dear God when you are ready open the door. And make a way for us to get back into the mission field and bring your Kingdom to this earth now." So, August 26, 2012, in the matter of 15 minutes the idea the Lord placed in my heart in 2007 became a reality. "The Vision is for an appointed time, wait on it." I look forward to letting you know the events as they unfold even before our own eyes. Back to Belize, I really left a part of something I know I was to achieve there and I plan to go back and finish it. I hooked up with Belize Base Camp in May of 2011 and sponsored a child to go to school. This ministry started about the same time that we moved to Belize and actually has the same ministry ideas and concept we had. I plugged in to sponsor a child to go to school this year. Amazingly they have only private education but they are so poor many cannot attend school. So for a mere 85 dollars, I sponsored a little girl to go to school. In the meantime, I spoke with the couple who started this ministry and asked them about bringing in a mission team to install a playset and they actually have a lovely space that would work perfect for the village (They currently have a pre-school serving 30 plus kids and growing). I also have slated a wonderful orphanage in Haiti as well. I met a wonderful Lady who started 2 orphanages in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. I was there in December 2010 to help treat Cholera and met this lady on the way home. I would love to have her home be mission #2 for Wee Monsters Playsets International Ministry. So here I sit, August 27, 2012 turning the desires of my heart into actual words and I pray for actions that will follow. I believe God is fast forwarding and speeding up time. I want to be found advancing HIS Kingdom when he blows that trumpet and God willing I will be "On Map and Mission" sharing and providing a play area for others to share the love of Christ with their children and any that might be on the playground that day